Sub-Critical Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Production and Interim Storage

[Patented Technology by Lumos]


The technology developed by Lumos was coined “Solar Thermal Radionuclide Updraft Tower (STRUT)”, perfected from an older technology through utilizing the power of thermal heat from nuclear waste, and both solar and wind energy.

The proposed technology that Lumos is attempting to develop uses safe, renewable and passive systems that not only safely stores and cools the waste, but also generates electricity. As seen in the thermal and fluid dynamic modeling above, the technology works on the principle that hot air rises. Accordingly, this design incorporates wind turbines along the tower to generate electricity from heat rising from the dry-casks. The design also makes use of secondary heat from incident solar radiation as well as increased temperature differential due to cold air at higher altitudes. While generating electricity, the tower also acts as a cooling storage location for the nuclear waste in the dry-casks. The cooling and energy generation are both boosted as wind is generated from the temperature differences between the base of the tower and the top.


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